Hard House DJ Mix June 2021 | Jon Force | Find Me | EastcoastNRG


1. M-Series vs Base 22 – Give it up
2. Vandalize vs T-Rex – Gloria Hole
3. Alf Graham – Right Now
4. PMX – Radiate
5. Jonni Bryant, CLK – Dreams
6. Naughty Tempo – Question My Love
7. Casey F and Emma Nate – Get It Right
8. TriBeaut – Night Night
9. Vandalize and Pete Maxwell – Should I Go
10. Vader Monkey, Dave Owens – Skitch
11. Brain Bashers – The Sound of Now (M-Series)
12. TriBeaut – Love Music
13. Roosta, Mumbles – I Feel The Rush
14. DJ Lolly and Griffiths vs Bass Jumper – Gold Skies
15. Wayne Smart – Time and Space
16. Matt Clarkson, Team Sly, Sam Sly – Find Me
17. Paul Hunter – Ocean Eyes



This is a mix I’ve been wanting to make for a long time, but just wasn’t able to. I started down the path with Revolution, but it didn’t achieve what I was looking for. It is still as hard as any other mix, but has a more uplifting tone instead of my normal dark sound. It’s a good summer mix. It starts off at 139BPM and works it’s way up to 152BPM by the end. It is loaded with remixes of much loved songs from the past. It contains hard house, hard trance, and hard dance tunes.

I spent about a week, going down every night adding a couple more songs to the list, playing with different combinations, until I finally had 90 minutes worth. The big challenges were continuously raising the BPM. (139 is the slowest I’ve ever started and very few of these tracks get played at their native BPM) and then not letting it get dark. Usually about an hour in is where the mix “peaks” (this one is no different) and that’s usually where I let loose, although I hit a bunch of tricks on this one, I was tempted to start dropping my usual fare, but managed to dial it back for once. The result is a mix which is different from all the others, especially the last two.

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