Hard Dance DJ Mix | Jon Force | For The Music | July 2021


Honestly, this is not my best mix. Technically there’s nothing wrong with it. The mixing, programming, FX, and tricks all came out pretty close to perfect. I really like the songs on it and I think it has a good flow, but I don’t know what it is, it just doesn’t grab me the way the some of the others do. I don’t know why, maybe it’s just me. Anyway, most of the tracks are brand new as of July 2021, but there’s a few from 2020/2019 in there as well. I think my favorite track is the remix of Snow Patrol lightning strike. Recorded live on July 11, 2021 in one take.


1. Leigh Green, Hayley Colleen – Together
2. A-C – Cruel Intentions
3. Ross Farley, Slenderman – The Light
4. Jay Goodall – Mystery Land
5. Paul Reeves – Fishing Lit
6. Baseglitz, James Nardi – Paradise
7. Stu Angus, Dean Richardson – Set You Free
8. Skol – RN2
9. Lost Knowledge – Delerium (NURO GL)
10. FiveOne, Patterson – Unbelievably Tainted
11. Team Sly – For The Music
12. Ben Stevens, Rattez – Astral Projection
13. Tom Parr – Got Me Winning
14. AMG – Ethnic (Nomes and Random But Raw)
15. Dave Owens – Apokalyspe
16. Wayne German – Circular Movement
17. Paul Luffman – Shout


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