Hard dance mix 2021 | Jon Force | revolution

Every mix has a story. 20 years ago I made my first mix; Evolution on the heels of the Electric Pow-Wow rave in Hollywood Florida. At the time I felt it was the best mix I could possibly make given my ability and the records I owned. I feel the same way about this mix. It could just as easily be called Re-Evolution as it is the 20 year update to that mix. Radically different sound, but same genre and same feeling. This mix was recorded live on 2 Denon SC5000M’s.


  1. AKA – Sander Van Doorn
  2.  Systematic – BK
  3. Rude B1tch – K8-e, Jon BW
  4. Razmatazz – Paul Clark
  5. Right to Flirt – Digital Mafia, Griffiths, Thornton
  6. Need Your Loving – Ben Kaye
  7. Outlaw – Audox, Cheeky Boys
  8. Hypnotise G – G-Mix
  9. Can’t Stop Now – Gaz Pritchard, Mikey G  
  10. Loventi – Paul Glazby
  11. Nothing – Gaz F
  12. Move – Kirk P
  13. Shine – Gary O’Connor
  14. You Make Me Feel Good – Overload
  15. Down On Me – Wayne German
  16. I Want You – Sean Inside Out, Dale West
  17. I Told You – Steve Clack




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