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Jon Force started his hard dance career in 2000. He found the sound by accident after stumbling into a Boston night club one night. That led to his falling in with various promotions in the Boston area and eventually meeting DJ Skully. Skully taught Jon everything he knew then unleashed him on the world. He also introduced Jon to the ECN crew. The two of them had various residencies at small clubs in Boston and played many raves and parties from Maine to Florida.

Jon retired from DJ’ing in 2007 and returned in late 2020.

In 2021, Jon went through the Tidy production course and produced his first track with Hard House legend BK. Since then Jon has been collaborating with other leading producers in the scene  and became a signed artist by mid-2022 with his first release headed to Global Awakening Records.

In addition Jon revived ECN Radio (where it all began) via live stream on Twitch every Tuesday night from 5 to 10pm eastern time. Jon has also been appearing on other live stream channels.

DJ Bio

G.W.R. aka the Giant White Rabbit, has been involved with all forms of hard house and techno since the late 90s.
He debuted Andy Farley in North America with his own production company, and assisted with hard dance events across
the United States.

GWR has releases on labels such as We Love Hard House, Cheeky Tracks, Beast Mode Recordings, and other leading Hard House labels, featured on various tidy compilations such as Insomnia 8
and Bassix 3, various label mixes on spotify, Andy Farley has been know to carry and play his unreleased stuff before anyone else, as his releases getting heavy play at festivals,
events and shows.

He approaches his productions and sets with a hard house dance-first mentality, but reserves the right to play or make
any sort of dance music at any given time.

DJ Bio

For nearly 20 years, Soular is name that has been synonymous with Hard House in the Mid-Atlantic rave scene. Growing up in Maryland between Baltimore and Washington DC, Soular began DJing while in his senior in high school, mixing sets that incorporated epic, hard, and acidic Trance with UK Hard House. He loved the high energy rush and fast thumping tempo of Hard House and it wasn’t long before Soular was dedicated to spinning sets of it exclusively.

Once he was 18 and in college at Towson University in Baltimore, Soular began attending the EDM club nights of Maryland and DC, as well as becoming involved in the underground scene. His goal was to make a name for himself in an era where locally nothing but house, progressive, or breakbeat music was accepted. Soular’s sets were still able to win over both crowds and promoters. Soular’s passion for Hard House music has shined for several years, and he always stayed true to the music he loved. His goal has been to expose as many US ravers to the sound as possible.

In 2020, Soular became a resident DJ of the US-based Hard House label Visceral Records and has recently collaborated on tracks with exceptional Hard House producers such as Slenderman & Krioniks, and Tekneak. These tracks have both been in the top 10 chart of the exclusive Hard House music download site, Toolbox.

Soular has opened for headlining acts such as the American Hard Dance legend DJ Venom, and Native Instruments’ own Traktor specialist, DJ Endo. Anyone who has been involved long enough in the DMV (DC-Maryland-Virginia) rave scene knows that Soular is intensely passionate about Hard House and that you can always expect from him a ferociously entertaining tightly mixed set of fierce high energy tracks to rock the floor into a frenzy!


Having been born & raised in South London, Chris, AKA Clubber Langley, discovered Hard House in the clubs in London in 1998, where he was right in the middle of the grassroots of UK Hard House as it was emerging into UK Club Culture. When clubbing at the famous night Strawberry Sundae at Cloud9 under the arches in Vauxhall, he soon discovered his love for the music and the whole scene. In 1999 he bought his first set of decks and was instantly hooked to djing, much to the annoyance of his neighbors. He then progressed to be a weekly visitor of all of London’s best vinyl shops, trawling through thousands of records looking for that perfect tune, and in 2002 he played his first live set at Crash in Vauxhall, which is right across the road to the famous MI5 building. He then went on to play at some of the best underground venues in London for club promotions

Hammered at Crash, Vauxhall, South London
Bedlam at The 414 Brixton, South London
Bedlam Afters, Finsbury, North London
Erratic Blonde at Studio 33 (originally The Chunnel Club) Vauxhall, South London
Blond at The 414, Brixton, South London
Gurn, Croydon, South London

In 2015 Chris moved from London to Iowa and has since become a US Citizen and is now very proud to of been offered the opportunity to become an EastcoastNRG resident DJ. In his sets, all you will hear and see is 100% pure vinyl. Chris has never touched any newer dj technology – He is strictly Old School. Clubber’s sets are guaranteed to get the memories going, and he will play some absolute classics that you may not have heard.

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