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DJ Bio

Jon Force started his hard dance career in 2000. He found the sound by accident after stumbling into a Boston night club one night. That led to his falling in with various promotions in the Boston area and eventually meeting DJ Skully. Skully taught Jon everything he knew then unleashed him on the world. He also introduced Jon to the ECN crew. The two of them had various residencies at small clubs in Boston and played many raves and parties from Maine to Florida.

Jon retired from DJ’ing in 2007 and returned in late 2020.

I mix this music because I love it. There is no other genre that allows you to run mixes as long as you can with hard dance. Literally sometimes 5 minutes long, breakdown to breakdown.

I keep spinning it because I love the fast pace and high energy, it’s always called out to me. I make mixes for the old school fans who used to go clubbing but have families now, but still want to hear the music. Also for people who just want to hear the newest tunes.

I try to walk the line between playing really hard without being too obnoxious. I look at every mix as a challenge to see how long I can blend the tunes for, without them talking over each other. When you get it just right, it’s just perfect, I can’t find that satisfaction spinning any other form of dance music.