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DJ Bio

Jon Force started his hard dance career in 2000. He found the sound by accident after stumbling into a Boston night club one night. That led to his falling in with various promotions in the Boston area and eventually meeting DJ Skully. Skully taught Jon everything he knew then unleashed him on the world. He also introduced Jon to the ECN crew. The two of them had various residencies at small clubs in Boston and played many raves and parties from Maine to Florida.

Jon retired from DJ’ing in 2007 and returned in late 2020.

In 2021, Jon went through the Tidy production course and produced his first track with Hard House legend BK. Since then Jon has been colloborating with other leading producers in the scene  and plans to release his first track in 2022. There are also plans to revive ECN radio via live-stream on twitch and possibly start ECN records.

DJ Bio

G.W.R. aka the Giant White Rabbit, has been involved with all forms of hard house and techno since the late 90s.
He debuted Andy Farley in North America with his own production company, and assisted with hard dance events across
the United States.

GWR has releases on labels such as We Love Hard House, Cheeky Tracks, Beast Mode Recordings, and other leading Hard House labels.

He approaches his productions and sets with a hard house dance-first mentality, but reserves the right to play or make
any sort of dance music at any given time. He is more than likely nicer in person than you would expect.

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