UK Hard Dance Mix | Jon Force | Garden Of Evil | Sept 2021

about this mix

When I made this mix, I went down, late at night, shut off all the lights and only had the LEDs from the equipment and an LED strip to work from. I’d also had a few drinks. The whole point was that I was trying to simulate more of a club feel and trying to free myself to be more authentic instead of having everything be so clinical all the time.

The result, is up to you as the listener, however, I think this is one of the best mixes I’ve ever made. The mix from The Medicine (the track which this mix gets its name from) into 4 The Kill is definitely one of the best mixes I ever hit. By the time it reaches That is to Be the runaway train is off the rails in terms of Hard NRG. I would say for me that song is the absolute limit of how hard I will play. It fit perfect there. Some people just play entire sets of that stuff, I think it gets to be too much, but strategic placing those kind of tracks in the right place, you just can’t beat it.

I spent probably just as long searching for the right image for the cover art as I did making the mix itself. You have to put the entire package together to create the experience.

Anyway, I was extremely happy with this one. There’s a lot of the usual artists on here, but definitely quite a few tracks from people I don’t usually play.


1. High Dosage – Glitch
2. Team Sly – Unshakeable
3. Mada – Deus
4. Buzzbass, Rio – Sexy Baby
5. James Nardi – Burning Inside
6. Ross Farley, Slenderman – Make It Count
7. Bizarre Q – See Me In The Club
8. Grapey, Laura Mac – Come Into My Dream (Team Sly)
9. Dexitron, Zealous – The Medicine
10. Homzy and Random But Raw – 4 The Kill
11. Skol – Marcel  
12. Karl Davies, Random But Raw – Test Your Might
13. NUROGL and Pat Glenny – Hardline
15. Risa – That is to be
16. Josh B and Insantiy – Bullets
17. The Sticky Bandits – Cyberworld
18. NUROGL – Storm 2021 (Dean Richardson)

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