Hard House Halloween Mix | Jon Force | Oct 2021 | EastcoastNRG


Not too much to say about this mix. I wait all year to make these, because I get to have some fun with them and play a bunch of tracks I wouldn’t normally put together. This one has some brand new tracks and a few from previous years. Pretty much all of them contain horror movie samples or interviews with killers, tasteful use of hoovers and acid. If you want some Halloween music to rave to, here you go.



1. Zillin – Buffalo Bill (Homzy)
2. Damien Blaines – The Crow
3. Filth and Furious – Miderspan
4. Roosta – Breath
5. Zillin – Manson
6. Paul Hunter – Highway 61
7. Kumite – The Looking Glass (Damien Blanes Remaster)
8. Homzy and Mada – Smiling Oblivion
9. Valex, Brendan – Monsters
10. Random But Raw, Sinobe – White Glass (Dynamic Intervention Remsastered)
11. Dean Richardson – Crowded World
12. Damien Blanes, Dave Owens – Coin Flip
13. Alan Sharkey – Mob Money
14. Asylum, Random But Raw – Delinquent
15. Dave Owens – UGLY
16. Shaun Williams – Stand Up
17. Dr Tre – 9mm

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