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Remembering the pre-9/11 world coming up on the 20th anniversary. Remembering the permanent freedoms lost and how much better life was before that. Remembering the colossal damage and the lives lost. Remembering pre-RAVE act America. Remembering pre-covid times. Watching the current mass psychosis of society. Watching people letting their lives and freedoms be stripped from them, day by day, minute by minute. Everyone so scared to die they’ve forgotten to live. Knowing we will never go back. Just like 9/11, the world will never be same. The freedoms we are losing now are gone forever. It’s never coming back. “If we just do everything they tell us, we’ll get our old lives back.”

It’s not happening. This is control. It’s their world after all, we’re all just useless eaters along for the ride. This was the inspiration for this mix; dark summer. It is what it needs to be.

The mix itself is super clinical. You almost can’t even hear the mixes, new songs just happen. I actually don’t like this and prefer the mixes to be a little bit more raw. I literally hit this on the first take and I definitely wasn’t going back just to mess it up. (Normally mixes take me 5 takes to get it right, I also listen to them about 10 or 20 times in between so average mix is about 25 to 30 hours total, this also includes making the album art and uploading posting to all different platforms).

I got lucky with this one. There are almost no tricks or effects, however the mixes are extremely programmed, so if you listen you can really hear the songs “talk to each other” during mixes. It starts at 150bpm, ends at 155bpm. I had to drag a lot of songs from the high 140’s kicking and screaming into 155 territory. That was probably the biggest challenge with this one. Almost none of the songs here are mixed at their native bpm, just a couple at the very beginning.


1. Ben Kaye, DJ Lolly, Chris Griffiths – Any Jungle In Guy
2. Vandalize – Gonna Be (M-Series)
3. A-DJ – Desse Barama
4. Pat Glenny, Kid Dynamo – Taking Back Control
5. Riksta – 6AM
6. Random But Raw – Head Hack
7. Trevor Wilson, Random But Raw – Bring It
8. NURO GL, Gianna Juliet – I See It (Lost Knowledge)
9. Tom Parr – Not Around
10. Joe 90 – Got The Hump
11. Mitch Doing – Bamboogie
12. Tekneak & James Nardi – Hardware
13. Random But Raw, Sinobe – For A Kick
14. Lok-E, Risa – Night Terrors
15. Dramatik – Leebanga
16. Insidious, Lok-E – Who’s There
17. Ben Stevens, Lee Mills – Stronger
18. Leighton Smith – Lovin Like
19. Mischief Duo – Dark Winter
20. Team Sly – Save Me
21. M-Series, GSR – Praganti


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