Hard House Mix March 2021 | Jon Force | Ruthless

I believe every mix should have a flow; it should build in energy level and intensity. It should have peaks and climaxes. Every tune cannot be “the best song.” If you play that way, the mix has nowhere to go. No way to take the listener on a journey, it’s literally just bludgeoning people.

When this mix was first made, the mixing was so aggressive it had to be toned down. Songs were literally walking all over each other. It was “too busy.” I listened to it a dozen times, swapped a few songs, changed the order, backed off some of the mixes. The result is not as “Ruthless” as the original mix, but I’d already made this killer graphic so I had to keep it. I couldn’t come up with anything better. So there you go.

Ruthless starts about 50 minutes in. The rest is just a buildup. The last 40 minutes really step up in intensity in both songs and mixing. The peaks in my opinion are DJ Rock The Decks (Paul King mix)(This is my favorite tune at the moment) and the final song; Be Nice by TMC. If you listen to this mix and you’re into it, promise me you will listen to the end, the last song is the payoff. This was live mixed on Denon SC-5000Ms.


DJ Rock The Deck – Jon BW & K8-e
Someday (Ains and Audio Chav) – Bass Commander, DJ One
Whats your problem – Wayne Smart
Make You Wanna Move – Matt Clarkson and Miric
Get back to the – BK, Unit DVSN
Derby Krunch (Anto) – Nik Denton
The Prize – Fi Garret, Random But Raw
Take Control – Dylan Foley
Agent Smith – Zillin
Cinetica – Jay Goodall
Bass was the murder – BC, Ben H, Tom Parr
DJ Rock The Deck (Paul King) – Jon BW, K8-e
The Architect – Dan Joseph
Pea Pushin – Digital Mafia, Gaz F, Emma Natalie
Freaks among monsters (Damien Blanes) – Valex, James Nardi
Sinner or Saint – Damien Blanes
Be Nice – TMC

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