Hard House DJ Mix | April 2021 | Jon Force | Take Control | EastcoastNRG

I was only able to upload this mix to Mixcloud for “reasons.”

This mix contains many of the latest Hard House tracks for 2020/2021.

There are 3 tracks in a row that sound insane together. M-Factor -> Tough Guy -> Hoover My Dirty Playroom. Check those out.

Many great movie references in the breakdowns, also some killer remixes of more mainstream songs.

Live Mixed on Denon SC-5000Ms on 4/1/21.


1. Em-Party – Further Instructions
2. Nik Denton – Phorever People (Ben Stevens)
3. Elivate – Attention!
4. Trauma, Lady Bianca – Oblivion (Jeff Payne)
5. Team Sly – I wanna love
6. Dynamic Intervention – Underwater (Cupra)
7. Brendan Ashley, Dave Owens – M Factor
8. GSR – Tough Guy (Ode to snoopy) Lockdown Mix
9. Paul Reeves – Hoover my Dirty Playroom
10. NUROGL – Resuscitate (NUROGL)
11. Valex – Feelin You
12. Pat Glenny, Matt Clarkson – In My House
13. UNIT DVSN – Break Free  
14. Leeroy, GWR – They Live
15. Darrell White – Step Down
16. Risa – The Zone
17. Fabio Seramota – Tombstone

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