Hard House DJ Mix 2021 | Jon Force | Full Bore


1. NuroGL, GWR – Egotrip
2. Paul Luffman, Leigh Day vs Random But Raw – Talking Money (Dirty Gash)
3. Mischief Duo – Each of Us
4. Danny Gibson – Rush
5. Mada – If you know
6. Ben Stevens – Squeeze (Dark Suspects)
7. Tom Parr, Pete Maxwell – Well Wishes
8. Leigh Day, Unit DVSN – Tommy
9. Vader Monkey, Gem Harrison – 4 The Feels (Dirty Little Secret)(Legion)
10. GWR, NUROGL – Juicy
11. Pete Warwick – Locked up
12. Homzy – Ice Cold
13. Dawn Lee, K8-e – Kicks 4 Free
14. Dynamic Intervention – Time
15. Pat Glenny, Muttz – Don’t need you
16. Relik – Brave (Don’t be Scared)
17. Matt Wigman – Reason


Where to start with this mix? If it didn’t have a story I would’ve just deleted it and moved on at this point. The finished product was ready back in April, however, it wasn’t perfect so re-recorded it 5 times total. I recorded the final version on my 43rd birthday (there is an easter egg for that in the album art).

This is more a traditional hard house mix. So far in all my others I have started slow, worked my way through various sounds and genres, built up speed and energy and overall tried to give a little range to the music. This one follows no such formula. It starts at 150bpm, ends at 150bpm and just bangs all the way through.

As I make these, I am always thinking of the album art; is there something in one of the songs that gives me inspiration? Is there an idea I had in my head from the start? For this one, I was trying to find something that en-captured the speed and energy of the sound. The name came after I grabbed the screenshot because it just seemed perfect. I think anyone that grew up in the 80’s and is in to the dance scene has probably wondered what it would be like to play at “tech noir.” Of course that would’ve been a perfect name too, but that’s already been used dozens of times. Although a fictional club from a movie, I feel like if it existed in real life and were around in 2021, this is the type of music you might find there. That was some of  the thought process anyway. There are lots of 80’s style synth’s and 80’s type sounds in this mix.

That being said, as soon as I uploaded it, it was blocked, hence the shorter version which I had to re-cut and repost on YouTube. Mixcloud has the full version, but nobody listens to those.

I put this out there in the hopes that someone will find it, enjoy it, put themselves in my head as they listen to it or else let it take them on their own journey. I really just love the music at the end of the day and want to share it. As always, this was live mixed on Denon SC-5000Ms.

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