Jon force hard dance mix 2021 glory kill

This is my first DJ mix in 13 years. I’m still shaking off some rust, there are a few small mistakes.

This mix wasn’t intended to be that hard, the first few songs are hard trance’ish, however, I got to a point where the only song I had left to mix in key was going to be Glory Kill. That changed the whole mix. I initially wasn’t going to post it, but I felt it came out pretty good, see what you think.


Namaste – Amber D, Adam Taylor, Charlie Goddard

Free Your Mind – Simon Williams

Belt Up – Jay Lith vs Cupra

Just Relax – Homzy

The Grid – Wayne German

That’s Who – Mischief Duo

Glory Kill – Dark By Design, Eddy Taylor

Like Me – Filthy Kitten, Random But Raw

Total Destruction (Extended Mix) – Dark By Design, LilMiss Jules

That’s What Ye Get – Lok-E, Random But Raw

Give In – Trauma, Matt Clarkson

Another Half – Dean Richardson

The Anarchist – Cupra

Step Down – Darrell White

Master G – Wayne German

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