UK Hard House DJ Mix | Jon Force | Unleashed | Feb 2022


This mix has everything, euphoria, motivation, struggle, and darkness. This is the exact sound I’ve been going for. It’s the sound I fell in love with. Playing this back reminded me of when I first discovered this music about 20 years ago. I hope this mix can take you on a journey, that’s what it’s meant to do.

It features lots of up and comers, like Zillan who’s been putting out great tunes in the last year. There’s also a new an un-released tune by myself on this mix.

Sometimes when you make a mix, you know it’s just average or nothing special. Other times you know it’s no good and don’t even listen to it. When I finished this one, my heart rate didn’t slow down for about 2 hours afterwards. I knew I’d hit a good one.  This was recorded live on the first take.


1. Fabio Seramota – Dana
2. GSR, Rick James – Playin
3. Gary O’Connor – The Story
4. Sambo, NUROGL – Make Your Bed
5. Random But Raw – Unstable Ground
6. Neil Bee – Creatures
7. RR Fierce, DMF – Full Metal (Valex Adamantium Remix)
8. Zillan, JEC – Drill Call
9. Bizarre Q – Hold Me Tight
10. Jon Doe – D6 (Pill)(Tom Parr)
11. Paul Reeves – Give it to me
12. Dexitron – Acetate
13. Wayne German – Circular Movement
14. Zillan, Homzy, Random But Raw – Walkers
15. Mumbles – Zero Input
16. Aynsley Byrne – Drama Llama
17. Jon Force – Random But Walk
18. Paul Glazby, Trauma – Fuck Em All (Dr Tre)

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