Jon Force | Live 3 Hour Set | Ins@nity vs GA Schools Out Special

I really can’t express how much I enjoyed this. I can’t believe how much talent is on the two rosters at Ins@anity and Global Awakening. I felt lucky and privileged to be a part of it. (Bonus: I got to dress as a mean school teacher).

Seeing everyone’s unique style and set up was great. It’s amazing how diverse styles can be within the same genre. One other note, various people were coping with various hard times during the event, some had to cancel, some barely made it, but everyone came together to support each other and it was a real showing of how the music can unite people through all that.

My set was at the end of the night on Saturday July 30th so I was able to go long since there was no one behind me. People were still listening even at 3am UK time.

If you like hard house music, you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you’re not following these two twitch channels:

These are the people truly keeping the sound alive.

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