ECN Radio 08 | Jon Force | May 3rd 2022 | Live Hard House Stream

This was absolutely one of my best mixes, two hours of slamming hard house. This was my first time dropping my new track “In The Game,” as well as my other new one “Respecd” which has been dropped before, but not in it’s final form.

Anyway, I had an absolute blast this week. When I played my song for the first time, even though it was just on a small live stream with a few listeners, my heart was pumping adrenaline like I was on stage at Ultra or something. It’s the little things that matter in life. If you watch the video, my emotions are genuine. When people who know me in real life, see one of these streams they always comment that I’m smiling and “look happy.” (Because no one ever sees that side of me in my day to day).

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